Sunday, August 28, 2005

Has Ryder given up?

Apart from the usual ramblings about Aled Cottle (yawn), P4P writes that the north Wales regional AM, Janet Ryder, has given up all hope of re-election because of the still unconfirmed rumour that Dafydd Wigley will be standing on the north Wales list.

As evidence, P4P states that Ms Ryder's website has shut down. Natwatch2 visited the site, and it is still there, but is being updated.

P4P also links to a Plaid Cymru press release, which informs us of Ms Ryder's intentions to watch the Powergen Rugby League Challenge Cup Final as her favourite team, Hull FC, was competing. This, in P4P's opinion, is proof that Ms Ryder does not return to her constituency on the weekend.

Natwatch2 finds this a particularly weak attempt by P4P at Natbaiting.


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