Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Natwatch2 has decided that we will not comment on Natwatch until P4P gets back to Natwatching.

We all know that is is silly season - but this is ridicilous...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

EXCLUSIVE: Pwllheli Marina Scandal

Exclusive, as in, it excludes anything new?

More old news from P4P, who has "learnt that there is much more to the North Wales Pwllheli Marina scandal than has been made public." Unsurprisingly, he fails to expand on this.

P4P quotes an email sent to him from a Gwynedd Council officer, and praises the officer's courage for having come forward.

However, there is nothing in the officer's email that is neither exclusive nor scandalous, and P4P resorts to asking for handouts.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Further correspondence

Natwatch2 has received a copy of the e-mail exchange between our harrassed reader and the now infamous P4P, mentioned in this previous post.

These have been edited to protect our reader's privacy, edits signified with [square brackets].
On 23/08/05, Nat Watch wrote:

We take no prisoners. All we ask of you is that you write us some articles and send us some photo's. You have until the end of the day to send in your first drafts.

Then we might stop emailing you at work.

and also
From: Nat Watch
Subject: Re: hi
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 17:20:48 +0100

Clock's ticking...

To which our reader replied:
On 23/08/05, [Natwatch2 fan] wrote:

If you cause any personal hassle to me, rest assured that I will be showing off these emails which show your aggressive threatening bullying behaviour.

Perhaps you should call it quits now.

I hear of a website called that would be very happy to receive such emails of you displaying behaviour that you so readily judge in others.

You gonna call it quits, or what?

Which was followed by:
From: Nat Watch
Subject: Re: hi
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:43:50 +0100

There are three things you've neglected to mention: a) You don't know who we are, and neither does anyone else. b) Our jobs are not at stake. c) We're not ashamed of anything we've said in these emails, we'll happily forward the full transcripts to Martin Shipton of the Western Mail. [Sentence removed] We don't want your articles, we just throught we'd offer you a way out, since you seem so reluctant, we'll have to consider our next move... If we've got "nothing" on you. Why do you seem so eager to call it "quits"?

Has Mr Shipton also received these? Our reader replied with:
On 24/08/05, [Natwatch2 fan] wrote:

[Three sentences removed] My job is not at stake. My bosses are too busy and too wise to listen to a malicious spineless anonymous coward like you. You would achieve nothing. You really do have an inflated view of your own self-importance. You have no status at all as you are nothing but an anonymous coward, threatening people behind a mask. Why don't you reveal yourself, coward? Shame on you. You are not in any position to be judging the behaviour of others.

When I say quits, I mean I want to be left alone. I don't appreciate threats from anyone. I particularly don't appreciate threats from an anonymous spinless coward. If you continue with your threats I will go to the police. Now don't you contact me ever again or give me any further hassle.

Got that?

This email was replied to in a slightly less aggressive tone with:
From: Nat Watch
Subject: Re: hi Date:
Wed, 24 Aug 2005 13:38:20 +0100

We merely asked if you would like to write us articles and become one of our correspondents. You are a very useful contact. In time, we may feel able to reveal our identtity to you. We have gone to painstaking lenghts to remain annonymous, our website is virtually untraceable. Surely it must be quite obvious to you why (and it's got nothing to do with you). If not, then fine. We won't contact your bosses because we have better things to do. We don't really want you to lose your job, becuase you're not really a proper Nat. If we don't hear from you again within 24 hours, we will delete the conversation from our email account. If, on the other hand, you are still intersted in contributing, please let us know. NW

Our now distressed reader replied with this message:
--- [Natwatch2 fan] wrote:

Right now I'm seriously considering getting the police involved. You have really pissed me off in a big way. You have absolutely no right to be demanding anything from me or threatening to cause me personal hassle in any way, especially from behind a position of anonymity. I don't see your behaviour being that different to someone sending anonymous threatening letters through my front door.

So give it a rest, you anonymous coward.

Strangely, nothing more was heard.

Nic Dafis - Hypocrite?

P4P explores new depths in his latest post about Nic Dafis.

Natwatch2 would feel that we would be patronising our readers in attempting to list the numerous reasons as to why this post is idiotic.

Although P4P's initial scribblings were crude attempts at Natbaiting, Natwatch2 believes that starting a personal slanging match whilst hiding behind anonymity is cowardly to say the least.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Has Ryder given up?

Apart from the usual ramblings about Aled Cottle (yawn), P4P writes that the north Wales regional AM, Janet Ryder, has given up all hope of re-election because of the still unconfirmed rumour that Dafydd Wigley will be standing on the north Wales list.

As evidence, P4P states that Ms Ryder's website has shut down. Natwatch2 visited the site, and it is still there, but is being updated.

P4P also links to a Plaid Cymru press release, which informs us of Ms Ryder's intentions to watch the Powergen Rugby League Challenge Cup Final as her favourite team, Hull FC, was competing. This, in P4P's opinion, is proof that Ms Ryder does not return to her constituency on the weekend.

Natwatch2 finds this a particularly weak attempt by P4P at Natbaiting.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Of course, Natwatch2 was created due to's unwillingness to enable comments on the blog. P4P now further restricts Natwatch fans from referring to the website from their own spot in cyberspace.

Keen eyed Natwatch readers may have noticed the recent removal of trackbacks from every post on the website. Natwatch2 is aware of Mr Nic Dafis' open letter to P4P on his own blog, which mentioned that he would be using the trackback facility; is this the reason?

I'm sure that P4P will have an explanation for us soon.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

A reader writes...

A number of emails have been received at Natwatch2 since its inception. But a slightly more out of the ordinary message recently arrived. Perhaps not within the scope of this blog, but Natwatch2 thought it apt to include here. The message sent by a reader to Natwatch2, who is worried about threats made by the lovely Price4President.

To quote verbatim:
I was curious who was behind natwatch, so I sent a few emails to them saying I found their website entertaining (I do!) then I said I had a few juicy stories I'd like to send them (a lie!) but that I didn't like sending anything to people who did not identify themselves. So I had a few email exchanges, a bit of banter really, nothing too serious.

The person refused to identify himself/herself and became increasingly rude. I made the schoolboy error of replying to the natwatch person during my lunch break at work (I work for a local authority). The natwatch person must have been able to receive my IP address as he emailed me saying that someone in my job should be spending my time doing work. I replied saying I was on my lunchbreak. Then the Natwatch person emailed back demanding I tell them the story otherwise they would contact my line manager and and grass me up. I wrote an email back asking them not to threaten me and discuss the issue like adults. I pointed out to natwatch, to clear things up, that I didn't actually have any inside stories about the going on at my workplace at all, and that my story involved things I have heard outside work.

Then the natwatch person said I had one hour to respond with a decent story otherwise he would (i) contact my line manager and chief executive of the council about my emails (ii) take me down like Aled cottle (the guy who found himself on the front page of the Daily Post for sending an anti-British email to natwatch). Then natwatch kept on sending me emails saying things like still waiting, the clock is ticking to put pressure on me to deliver a story, a story I didn't have as it was playing a prank. After I got home I wrote a few emails to natwatch asking him/her to uphold decent British values and apologise for the threatening behaviour. I have not received a reply from natwatch since.

It seems whoever behind natwatch is a complete coward, totally unwilling to reveal his/her identity and political allegiance. This person is all too willing to attack the behaviour of nationalists in Wales, yet this person is not exactly upholding good decent British standards of personal conduct himself/herself with the cowardly behaviour of threatening to cause personal harm to the character of an individual like me who had done nothing wrong except pretend to have a story as bait to get this person to reveal himself/herself.

We were shocked to hear the threat to "take [him] down like Aled Cottle". P4P is very sure of himself and his contacts!

Natwatch2 is astounded that P4P can stoop to such depths. Perhaps a devious intern at Natwatch Towers is behind it?

Catching up

Well, Natwatch seems to be going from strength to strength, despite the downtime previously noted on this blog.

Unfortunately the promise of reports from Natwatch's correspondence has withered away.

P4P however boasts that despite the efforts of some to shut him down, he still stands proud. Rather ironically he refers to Nats that are "clearly afraid of any sort of scrutiny", whilst having disabled his own comments (and which led to the creation of this blog!).


More leaked memos (which are helpfully posted online) from Plaid Cymru give P4P plenty of ammunition. Who is the mole in PC's Assembly camp? Or is John Dixon correct? Natwatch2 is doubtful.


According to P4P, his idol, Adam Price MP, has been on Islamic news, although that the link provided refers to no such thing. A constituent is quoted as saying "Let's hope he starts spending more time in Carmarthen now", which Natwatch2 finds odd, as Carmarthen town lies outside of Price's constituency. Surely an administrative error?

P4P forgets that Adam Price trebbled his majority in the recent general election, despite his impeach Blair campaign. Is this not an indication of an MP working hard in his constituency?


Again, P4P makes claims but with little to back them up, this time against the SNP, stating that members have been "talking up their chances in the by-election camapign before Mr Cook's funeral".


P4P refers to a post on Normal Mouth, about the Welsh Language Society's call to Welsh speakers not to ofer their services to MI5, who will soon be opening a regional office in Cardiff, because "In the past, MI5 probably worked against us."

Natwatch2 is sure that Elwyn Jones, the esteemed former Conservative MP, has gone on record admitting to having aided MI5 during his Bangor college days in working against the Welsh Nationalists.


P4P still rattles on with the "drunk man sends abusive e-mail to anonymous blogger" story, and informs us that Aled Cottle has a high ranking post with the pressure group Cymuned. Yawn.


Who is Nic Dafis? P4P asks for reader's help in finding out who this scarlet pimpernel of a Nat is. Have they not discovered Google at Natwatch Towers? Natwatch2 will only be too happy to help with any technological issues that they may have.


And finally, P4P has heard the popular rumour of Dafydd Wigley's possible return to front line politics. This has also reached Natwatch2's ears, but will believe it when we see it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Natwatch2 returns after two weeks holiday, with no web access.

We apologise that no warning was given, and with regards to our previous post, we can only assume it was server downtime.

Onwards and upwards!